What to look for in a good CMS

Having a Website built with an intuitive Content Management System (CMS) is essential. We cannot stress enough, the importance of fresh, compelling content if you want a successful Website, and a CMS lets you easily add, edit and update your Website in real time.

With all the numerous products on the market, are you unsure of what you need to look for in a CMS?  We’ve put together the top 5 features every good CMS should have to enable you to quickly manage your Website.

Easy to use edit tools

You shouldn’t need a degree in computer science to be able to add text and images to your Website - it should be simple for tech savvy and non-tech savvy members of your company alike.

Intuitive edit screens which allow you to do things like update text, insert an image, upload and link documents should be straightforward.  Adding and deleting pages should also be trouble-free. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) functionality

You want a CMS which allows you to specify friendly urls like:     www.yoursite.com/page/subpage not www.yoursite.com/7hgts?:shdgjks1246

You should have the ability to write relevant, unique and informative page titles and descriptions.  These should be different and tailored to describe the content on each page. This is the information that Google displays on their search result pages so your CMS should give you the capability to detail this.

Ability to select the different page layouts

Depending on the design of your Website, it is perfectly reasonable to assume that you will have different page layouts for different types of content.  For example, a general text page with images would use a different template than a contact form page.

Your CMS should give you the option of selecting from a range of page templates when you add a new page, depending on the type of layout you need.

Accessibility friendly

All good Website should be accessible for all users.  Your CMS should be prompting you to apply descriptive alt text for each image that you add or edit. 

Providing descriptions for each image on your Website enables text readers to explain to a blind or partially sighted user what the image is displaying.  Search Engine crawlers will also use alt tags to decipher image content so you’ll be increasing your SEO at the same time. 

Is it built purposely for your Website and requirements?

An off-the-shelf package is all well and good, but quite often contains lots of superfluous features that you’ll never need, over complicates things and might not work in the way you actually need it to.

We build bespoke CMS catered exactly to your Website for the features that you’ll need and use.  They’re scalable so extra components can be easily applied when your Website needs it which means your CMS and Website can grow with you and your business.


If you’re thinking of having a new content driven Website, why not request a callback so we can discuss how we can help you.