Website Audit

Website Audit

Make your website work for you

Is your current Website underperforming? Do you need more from your Website?

We understand how difficult it can be to keep a Website up to date when you are busy running your business. Your Website might have been great when it was first launched, but that was 4 years ago and the content has never been changed. Maybe you feel like your competitors now have the edge with their brand new, shiny Websites?
Your Website is probably the first time a potential customer will come into contact with your company. Are you giving the right impression? Is your information up to date and relevant to your products and services? Can they actually find you online if you're not coming up on Google?
Our Website Audit will give you an overview of your Website and online marketing efforts (in easy to digest terms and language) with recommendations for how your Website can be improved.

We will also evaluate:

  • Your Website design, structure and content
  • How popular your Website is (number of visits etc)
  • How responsive your Website is for mobile and handheld devices
  • If you use effective inbound links
  • Search Engine Optimisation and ranking
  • How quick your Website loads
  • If you use alternative (alt) text on images for search engines and visually impaired users
  • How easy to use and navigate your Website is
  • How well the Website content is managed and updated
  • If there are spelling errors, broken links and files to documents/pages that no longer exist.
Your report will be split into Content, Accessibility, Technology and Marketing areas with summaries to help you prioritise if and where you make your upgrades.
Please contact us to order and schedule your Audit and take the first steps in making your Website work for you.
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